So Here's the Deal:

1.We're open for repairs and sales, however we will not allow any customers into the store.

2.We prefer credit card transactions, cash is difficult to sanitize.

3.Please call before coming or call from the parking lot so we can assist you.

4. We will have a minimal staff on daily to minimize our exposure. The consequence being lead times on repairs are now at 10 days.

5. To our longtime friends please please please don't drop by for a visit, if you need a repair please follow the steps above.

6. We've sold quite a lot of bikes in the last two weeks, to make your purchase go as smoothly as possible please visit our website or to see what's available and help narrow your choice.

7.We will do our best to sanitize your bike before pick up and wear and replace gloves often.

8. We are not offering rentals at this time.  We will be reassessing as the situation progresses.

Thank you for your patronage and understanding during this.

George, Tim, Matt, Brendan, Scott, and Sam

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