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Carbon Fork Insert

Before you email me any questions about this insert please read and reread the information below.

Pictured below is our custom made carbon fork insert patterned after a similar insert made years ago for Alpha Q forks. Be aware this is custom made for us in one size 23.4 mm it is not customizable in any other diameter. It is not a replacement for the Alpha Q insert as these are smaller than the original insert. These inserts will work in Envy, Trek, Rockshox and other carbon forks with an ID greater than 23.4 mm. This insert is epoxied into the steerer after the final length has been determined and the steerer has been cut. As it's readily available, we recommend J B weld #8265-S (epoxy is not included with insert). The potential advantages of these inserts are numerous; it reinforces the steerer tube, allows use of standard topcap and 6mm bolt, prevents the stem from crushing the steerer, and allows for easier headset adjustment. Unlike the original Alpha Q insert this insert is one piece with the 6mm threads part of the insert instead of a steel starfangled nut, also it will fit the above mentioned forks as the Alpha Q is too large to fit. The weight of this insert is 28 grams, with a 6x30mm bolt and a generic aluminum topcap 44 grams (topcap not included with insert) , the total length on the insert is 100mm. Most expanding inserts weigh around 50 grams for comparison. If you have questions about the insert, call the shop (508)540-4195.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. Will this fit my really cool carbon fork that came with my really cool carbon bike?

A. I don't know. I do know it won't fit old Easton forks and it won't fit old Alpha Q forks. The question is; Does the inside of your fork measure more than 23.4 mm? If it does then it will fit. In other words I haven't measured every carbon fork in the world to see if my insert will work. There appears to be some confusion about this insert fitting your fork, as stated above I haven't measured every fork available. If you're not capable of measuring, in millimeters, the inside dimension of your fork then you probably shouldn't buy this insert, it takes a fairly high level of technical knowledge to properly use this insert.

Q. Do you have other sizes?

A. No. It won't fit 1" forks or forks with a smaller ID than 23.4 or larger than 23.8. Unfortunately the Alpha Q 1" insert isn't available any longer so I can't give you a good suggestion for another 1" insert.

Q. Will it affect my fork warranty?

A. Most likely, yes. I haven't tested these so anything I say is opinion, so use at your own risk.

Q. Will you install the insert in my fork?

A. Yes. Ship the fork to us (Call first for confirmation then send it UPS insured). Your fork needs to be cut to the proper length. We will epoxy the insert in and return it to you within 48hrs, so don't send it on Wednesday expecting it back for the weekend. We charge $50 for the insert, $40 for the install, plus whatever UPS charges us to get it back to you. Mass residents will need to pay 6.25% sales tax on the insert.

Q. Can I glue an extra bit of left over steerer back on top of my steerer with this insert because I cut my fork too short?

A. Are you deranged? Do you have some sort of death wish? NO YOU CAN'T! Buy another fork if you cut it too short.

Q. Can I repair my cracked steerer tube with this insert?

A. See above.

Q. Can I return the insert?

A. No.  We do not accept returns on the inserts, so it's important that you measure to make sure that it fits your steerer!

Image of carbon fork insert

Top and side view of carbon fork insert