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The New Cyclist's Guide to the Perfect Ride

Welcome To The Club!

Attention new riders - we're stoked to hear that you love your new bike! Like with any new hobby, you probably have some questions. We’re here to help you prep for all your rides, and get pumped for the adventures soon to come. Our New Cyclist's Guide to the Perfect Ride is the ultimate combination of common questions from new riders with a hearty dose of our professional advice on top.

Maintenance 101

Now that you’re putting miles on your new bike, you’ll want to spend time caring for your precious asset. Keeping your bike running like a dream sounds more intimidating than it actually is - follow our pre-ride checklist before every ride and you’ll be good to go.

Pre-Ride Checklist

  • Check your tires

  • Make sure your wheels are tight

  • Check your brakes 

  • Pedal backwards - if your chain is squeaky, it’s time to add some chain lube 

If you ride your bike regularly, scheduling a tune-up every 6 months is recommended. For bikes that are lightly ridden, a tune-up every 12 months is adequate. We have a great team of professional, friendly mechanics on staff - not only to service your bike, but also to offer you free professional advice.

Home Maintenance Made Easy

Ride Comfortably

Your bike should be comfortable. If you are feeling sore, we can help you find the perfect remedy.


Shorts & Saddles

Try adding a pair of padded shorts, and/or switching out your seat (known as a saddle) for a more comfortable model.



A pair of gloves will do you wonders! You can also add/change the grips on your handlebars to make riding more comfortable and to add a pop of color and style to your bike.


Cycling Shoes

If your feet are feeling it after a ride, you have a couple of options. A new pair of shoes might do the trick, or it could be time to try out a new set of pedals. Our team can help you find the perfect pair of shoes and/or pedals based on your riding style. 

Feeling Achy?

We want you to feel comfortable, so let us help! Give us a call and tell us what's going on. We can give you a professional recommendation on how to improve your level of comfort based on the issues you are experiencing.

Dress For Success

Build your ultimate ride kit in four easy steps!



Protect your most precious asset! A properly fitted helmet to protect your head, inside and out, is crucial when riding a bike. Helmets with reflective strips improve your visibility on the road, helping motorists see you. Replace your helmet every few years or after any impact.


Cycling Shorts

Padded shorts protect you from the pressure of your body weight on the saddle. The pad inside the shorts is known as the chamois (pronounced sha·mee), and it provides cushion for your sit bones. A little padding goes a long way on any ride, especially longer rides, making every mile more enjoyable.


Cycling Jersey

Jerseys are designed to keep you cool with moisture wicking, light fabric. The cut is longer in the back to cover your back (and bottom) when you lean forward on your handlebars. Jerseys also come equipped with pockets on the back, which are perfect for storing your phone, snacks, keys, etc.


Weather-Dependent Items

After the shorts and jersey, your additional cycling apparel will be based on the day’s weather. Cycling socks, gloves, and jackets can all come in handy. Use your best judgment, and when in doubt, err on the warm side and dress in layers. You can always peel them off and store them as you and the day warm up!

Where To Ride

Looking for new places to ride or the best way to get around town on your bike? There are some great resources out there. Here are a few of our favorites. Want more ideas? We’re happy to recommend some of our favorite routes, trails, and group rides. We can also connect you with some great local resources such as cycling organizations and riding clubs.

Google Maps

Google Maps isn’t just for driving. It’s among the best free online mapping solutions, and it can be a great tool for planning fun rides and commutes. Hit “Directions” within the app, select the bike icon, and voila! A new bicycle-friendly route appears.


Find fun routes and friends on Strava. Strava connects millions of cyclists and other active people through the sports they love – all on their mobile app and website.


This is an ideal app for discovering great routes. You can also use RideWithGPS to learn about upcoming local rides.

MTB Project

This app is your comprehensive mountain biking guide to the trails you want to ride - with offline maps, full GPS route info, elevation profiles, and more.

Are You Ready?

Give us a shout or swing by the shop for expert advice on all things cycling.