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I've given up on trying to include all of the riders who have graced my jersey, so I'm just going to state; I'm lucky to have so many good people riding and racing bikes in my jersey that words could never describe how proud, happy, and envious I am of their successes. I pretty much grew up around bikes and bike racing and to still be a contributor and a part of it through all of them is something that someone who isn't involved will never understand. Yeah it probably costs me too much money and time but my guys and girls are out there as ambassadors for the sport, if they make an impression on one kid or one person so that they will get involved it's all worth it.

Oh and by the way GET INVOLVED YOURSELF! ride your bike to work, donate to your bikeways committee, promote our sport, (and the thinly veiled plug) support my junior team! Bike riding is fun, as Nike said, just do it.

We sometimes forget to thank everyone who has helped, first and foremost are the Junior team sponsors Alec Petro from Bayhill Capital, Kevin Hines from Eline Accessories, Sam Morse from Bobcat Capital, Mark Hutker from Hutker Architects, and any other people who have helped in so many ways.

Hey why not join the team, we're registered with the USCF so you won't need to race unattached, it's simple buy the jersey, ride your bike, and meet lots of fun people, call or email for details.

You can find some photos and otherwise on our Facebook page 

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Planet Peloton for Bill Sykes' races

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